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Speaking of riffs #4 is a riff that gets stuck in my head for days on end. It's also the highest rated "slow" song on the list.

After reading that Decibel Top 40 it's good to see sludge/doom staying strong. I thought it might fizzle after it's reemergence last year. Bands like YOB and Tombs deserve credit for making some great music. Do I think all those bands listed are better than Machine Head at 31? Fuck no! Not even close but I'd listen to bands like Vallenfyre and Mournful Congregation over the Hipster Pink Floyd music with death metal vocals stuff they normally try to say is so great anyday. To each his own though...

I've always considered this song Overkill's version of doom/sludge. Overkill mirrored Metallica slightly in their early days. Some people say they copied Metallica's style to a certain point but I don't think so. Yes both 1st albums were raw and fast. Kill Em All smokes Feel the Fire though. Taking Over was a big jump production-wise like RTL. Master and Under the Influence are worlds apart but the true similarity to me is Justice and Years of Decay. I know a lot of people love Horrorscope and proclaim it Overkill's finest work but to me it's between Taking Over and Years of Decay. For the record I would take Horrorscope over The Black Album any day though.

I love the raw speed and fun lyrics of Taking Over but if I had to pick Overkill's masterpiece it would probably be Years of Decay. It could use a little more thrash but as a whole it just really works for me. Catch me on another day and I'd say Taking Over but for now it's Years of Decay.

As far as 10 minutes plus songs that totally rock (the popular thread on here for years) this would be my #1. With the Playing With Spiders intro of course. I love this riff and as simplistic as it is it fits the lyrics and song perfectly. I liked the Sabbath-esque Under The Sun speed-up part and everything about this song. Overkill's masterpiece Skullkrusher comes in at #4.

#4 - Overkill - Skullkrusher
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon
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