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Arkona -- New York, NY -- November 25th, 2011

direct support for korpiklaani with openers yonder realm, forged in flame and polkadot cadaver

yonder realm, locals from long island, delivered an aggressive and melodic set to enthusiastic support. forged in flame's stoner-oriented metal, along with polkadot cadaver's unique brand of chaos seemed out of place -- genrewise -- at what promised to be a folk metal tour; both were, nevertheless, entertaining. korpiklaani, whose headliner set list i did not get, brought its usual brand of alcohol-related finnish gaiety. arkona, however, was the reason i attended and they did not disappoint! this was their first time ever in the big apple and, in my opinion, their performance was bewitching from start to finish!

APKAИM (arkaim)
OT CEPДЦA K HEБY (ot sjerdtsje k njebu)
ГOЙ, POДE, ГOЙ (goj, rodje, goj)
3AKЛATЬE (zaklat'je)
CЛAB’CЯ PYC’ (slav'sja rus')
ПO CЫPOЙ 3EMЛE (po syroj zjemlje)
CTEHKA HA CTEHKY (stjenka na stjenku)
ЯPИЛO (jarilo)

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