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Mastodon -- Toronto, Ontario -- November 25th, 2011

Good show, lots of fun!!!!!

First band was Red Fang, checked the out before hand cause I never heard of them and I was mehh about them. Different story live, they were actually pretty cool live.

Second band was Dillinger Escape Plan, they're not my thing so I didn't watch them.

Finally was Mastodon!!!!!!!!!!!! 5th time seeing them now, and they were friggin awesome!!!! They are such an amazing live band!!!!

Dry Bone Valley
Black Tongue
Crystal Skull
I Am Ahab
Capillarian Crest
Colony Of Birchmen
Sleeping Giant
Ghost Of Karelia
All The Heavy Lifting
Curl Of The Burl
Bedazzled Fingernails
Circle Of Cysquatch
Aqua Dementia
Crack The Skye
Where Strides The Behemoth
Iron Tusk
March Of The Fire Ants
Blood & Thunder
Creature Lives
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