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Black Friday, the perfect day to start the Top 5...

Carnivore was the soundtrack to some of the best years of my life. I used to listen to them religiously and being raised Catholic the lyrics really spoke to me.

Funny story that I've told on here before but it's hilarious so I'll tell it for the people who never heard.

Once Type O Negative started to blow up Peter Steele did one of the coolest things ever by hooking up his former bandmates and also hooking up the long time fans of Carnivore by doing a few Reunion shows. I drive an hour and a half to a place called Nick's in Virginia for this show and was jakked beyond belief to see them live. Forget who the opening act was (Helmet maybe) but I was jamming out to them when I look over and Peter Steele is standing there. I walked over and introduced myself and thanked him for giving us all a chance to hear the Carnivore songs live. He thanked me and I really wanted to ask if they were going to play God is Dead but thought that might sound dorky so I asked him how he liked doing that Jerry Springer show. He looked at me, gave me a thumb down and a raspberry and walked away. I was like WTF was I thinking? hahahaha

He had been on a Springer episode about Groupies and because he was in Playgirl and I guess that's the last thing he wanted to talk about. In hindsight the God is Dead question would have been fucking perfect. DOH!

Years later I got to meet him a 2nd time and referenced that I promise not to bring up Springer again and he either didn't hear me or just acted like he didn't. Either way he was cool as shit and my respect level for him as an artist and entertainer is and will walys be way up there.

I still listen to Carnivore and every time the songs are stuck in my head for hours or days. Great music is timeless, fun and memory provoking. Carnivore is one of the greatest bands when it comes to those things for me. Check the lyrics of #5. Classic!

I'm suffering from depression
the anger turned within
what do I gain for all my pain
perhaps a seat in heaven?

Don't do what you want
do what you're taught is right
your life is built on paranoia and guilt
don't forget your valium tonight

The agony I must endure
my mind is painful and swells
the punishment for what I've done
is forever the pains of hell
how come what is natural
has to be a sin?
why would God give me this urge
if I cannot give in?
they say don't give up
that Jesus loves me

I went down into my basement
confused and depressed
put Black Sabbath on
razor blade in hand
a Wilkinson I think
ten slashes on each arm
my only wrongdoing
was being born human
and following my instincts
I never was happy
I never was sane
so I shall be extinct
the growing pool of crimson
at last I am pure
witness my sanguineous penance
I don't need anyone
my soul's been set free
death is total independence...

Stand up straight
Stomach in
Shoulders back
Sound off

Angry Neurotic Catholics
It's a sin
Angry Neurotic Catholics
It's a sin

#5 - Carnivore - Angry Neurotic Catholics
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon
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