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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
You might be missing Last Breath by Hatebreed also. They definitely played it at our show because I went f'n ballistic.

Like I mentioned in another post you HAVE to see the ATR drummer from up high if your venue has an upper level. I took a few pics and 1 short video of Some of the People but he plays traditional style and he couldn't possibly have blown Donkey Punch's terrible drummer off the stage more. That guy was sloppy as fuck. Maybe he was drunk or had a bad night but he was by far the worst drummer I saw in 2011 by a mile.

I'm glad I left before he did whatever Tommy Lee cliche' crap he had planned.

Donkey punch are definitely getting paid. That drum riser and LED screen had to cost a shit ton of money!
Yeah they played Last Breath at my stop too, seems like they've been playing Last Breath throughout the tour. At my stop it was dedicated to Cory from Gwar.

Also yeah the drummer for All That Remains is fucking awesome and kicks FFDP's drummer out the way.
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