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Mayhem - Seattle, WA -- November 22nd, 2011

Pretty much all of the sets were the same, so this is more of a gig report.

Showed up to El Corazon early and stood out in the freezing rain while waiting for doors to open, surprisingly no one was there, other than my friends. Abigail Williams showed up late, then then doors opened.

First band to play was local raw black metal, Drakul. They put on a short but intense set, a great way to start the night (not counting the odd mix where nothing was coming out of the PA except vocals....). Sadly not many people were there yet.

After a quick change over, the second local took the stage, Sacrament Ov Impurity . They played yet another short, but intense set, and got the crowd (who finally decided to show up) really going and ready for the night.

I took a quick break in the bar to sell some tickets to the Possessed show in February, and came back out to catch the very end of Abigail Williams, who have changed their style ONCE AGAIN. I don't know who posted it, but someone said they were insanely "grimm" now with corpsepaint and very evil riffs... it was extremely bland, in my opinion, and they had three guitarists . I prefered them much more when they were touring with Melechesh back in March.

I got close to the front for Hate, who I was looking insanely forward to see yet again, but sadly they were forced to cut their set down to only 4 songs, so they made the best of it and (for me) stole the entire show. It was great to see their drummer NOT wear those dumb headphones this time around.

Took another trip to the bar to catch up with people and came back out to see Keep of Kalessin, who played far too long. I don't understand why Hate was forced to play maybe 25 minutes while KoK gets nearly 45 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Keep of Kalessin at times, but they were not doing it for me and should have played before Hate. I was also extremely disappointed in the lack of songs from the Reclaim EP, since they were touring with Mayhem. My friend caught up with Obsidian C, who said that they had played a couple Reclaim tracks in different cities... .

Finally, after a very long set from KoK, it was time for Mayhem. They were soundchecking the drums, which were insanely loud, I was stoked... until they actually started.... WTF WAS GOING ON!?!?!?! . Literally, all you could hear was drums, the occassional guitar, and very few moments of Attilas classic vocals. It sucked. I didn't recognize a good portion of their songs since almost everything was so muddy and insanely loud, or too quiet. I stuck around up until "Carnage", and rolled when they went into Freezing Moon. I was disppoint.

Despite the terrible mix that they had on this night, their stage show was great. Attila puts out a lot more energy than last time I saw Mayhem a couple years ago, and Necrobutcher was playing with the crowd a lot, which is awesome.

I didn't buy any merch, since I'm pretty broke this week due to bills and getting inked, but KoK and Hate had the same merch they've had the last couple times they've came, and Mayhem had a much better selection than last time they were here. Even a Deathcrush shirt with Pink coloring on it.

Good show... but the mix could have been MUCHO better.
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