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Five Finger Death Punch -- Philadelphia, PA -- November 22nd, 2011

Note: I know everyone on here seems to dislike FFDP (which I can understand) , but I like them, and I'm sure there are some other closet fans on here.

Setlist sources: memory, setlist fm

I had heard about this show awhile back. I had only bought my tickets about 3 hours before the show (I'm quite the procrastinator). I was going with my dad, which was pretty cool since I rarley see him. I was pretty stokedfor this show because it did have a really sweet lineup. We got there around 7:30 and doors had already been open for some time. As as we went in my dad had to take a shit, so I waited outside the bathroom and caught the first band of the night. The Electric Factory is a great venue because you have a great view from anywhere you stand. The fisrt band was called Rains. I had never heard of them before they replaced Rev Theroy on the bill.
From what i heard and saw they were OK. Im really not a fan at all of alternative metal, and that's what they were. Their front man wasn't too good either. He wouldn't talk, or say the names of the songs, so i have no idea what they played. Rains 5/10

Next up was one of, if not, the main reason I came. The almighty Hatebreed. By this time my dad and I had scooted our way up to decent spot on the side. I knew the pit was going to get pretty crazy and I wasn't planning on moshing being that I was with my father who isn't the moshing type ( although he could easily handle himself if it came down to it, he's works as a bouncer on the weekends). Anyway, at this point the place was packed. The entire crowd went crazy for Hatebreed as soon as they came on. They even got the crowd to hoist a bunch of chicks up on their shoulders during Live For This, infact more than FFDP did. That surprised me. Only wished they woulda played longer. Hatebreed 8.5/10
(I have an awful memory, so they may be a tad out of order, but I'm pretty sure this is it)
1. To The Threshold
2. This is now
3. Everyone Bleeds Now
4. In Ashes They Shall Reap
5. As Diehard as They Come
6. Live for This
7. Betrayed by Life
8. Doomsayer
9. Never Let It Die
10. I Will Be Heard
11. Destroy Everything

After Hatebreed, we were well into the show. The crowd seemed to have doubled in size by the end of Hatebreed. Up next was All that Remains. I saw a shit load of people wearing All that Remains gear, so I knew the crowd was stoked. I personally have never really listened to them, I knew a few songs, but that was it. They came on about 20 min. after Hatebreed ended. They were pretty good. They played for a long ass time man! The crowd was really into them and I couldn't really complain about them because they really did bring their A game. It was funny watching their bass player, who is just a small little chick, out scream/growl Phil. All That Remains 7.5/10 ( Pretty Positive this was the set)
1.Hold On
2.This Calling
3.Forever In Your Hands
4.Dead Wrong
5.The Air That I Breathe
6.Now Let Them Tremble
8.The Last Time
10.Won't Go Quietly
9.Some Of The People, All Of The Time
11.Aggressive Opposition
12.Two Weeks

The crowd was pretty tired after All that Remains. A bunch of people moved out, so my dad and I were able to get close to the stage, like 15 feet. It took awhile for FFDP to set up, but it was worth the wait man. Being a drummer, I got all gitty when I saw Jeremy's kit after the cover was pulled off of it. Their stage was pretty awesome. Their light show show was ridiculous haha, it was like they were trying to land a fucking plane. But it was cool. This was my third time seeing them, they were a little better the first time, but this was a very close second. It seemed like they messed up at one point during White Knuckles, but it was kinda funny. Also Jeremy had a drum solo, it really seemed to woo the crowd, but it was nothing shy of what I could do. It was entertaing none the less. Their set seems short, but it reall wasn't all that short. They brought great energy, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun. As long as the band and crowd are into, I can't complain about a band. Thats how it was with FFDP. My dad and I had a great time. It was a great way to spend a night with him. Five Finger Death Punch 9/10
1.Under and Over It
3.American Capitalist
4.Hard to See
5.The Way of the Fist
6.No One Gets Left Behind
(Jason, Ivan, and Jeremy played a few other song snippets)
7.Bad Company (Bad Company cover)
8.White Knuckles
(Drum Solo)
9.Far From Home ( Just the first verse and chorus)
11.Never Enough
12.Burn it Down
13.The Bleeding

Overall, great show.


11/22 FFDP, All that Remains, Hatebreed
1/15 In flames/Trivium ?
1/26 Lamb of God
2/2 Machine Head ?

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