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The Quill -- London, England -- November 22nd, 2011

Venue: Barfly

Toxic Federation (19:45-20:15)

Rough Cut (20:35-21:05)
Hit The Ground >
Romeo's Dead
Burnin' Highway
Guardian Angel
Lip Service
Best Plan
Stand Your Ground
Dead Dog's Bite

ColdSpell (21:20-22:00)
Keep Out
Eye of The Storm
Run For Your Life
When Night Falls
One In A Million
Out From The Cold

The Quill (22:15-23:00)
Full Circle
White Flag
American Powder
Pace That Kills
More Alive
Black Star
Bring It On

27/4 Dan Patlansky
3/5 Maiden United
7/5 One Machine
8/5 Blaze Bayley
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