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Originally Posted by 001 View Post
In Flames Set List

Sounds of a Playground Fading
The Hive
Fear Is the Weakness
Come Clarity
Only for the Weak
Delight and Angers
The Mirror's Truth
Take This Life
Completely incredibly happy with all of this, their new album pretty much blew but there is a few tunes i dig, unfortunately theyre playing a few of the really shitty ones as well.....but what can you expect? The last tour 08 for A Sense....was awesome, i actually dig that album a lot in a weird way and their set was heavy with it along with some good old tunes like it is here. I just really hope they keep Swim and Only For The Weak in when they come to north america, i wanna see those 2 live the most of all of these.

they could drop these songs and replace em with better ones IMO, and probably perform better too seeing as these are the types of songs where his backing track is prominent and the overall flow of the music is interrupted...

Darker Times
Deliver Us (one of the worst and its the "hit single".....and how the hell does he sing that legitamently live, unless his voice has gotten better which i would love)
All for Me
The Quiet Place
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Cloud Connected
7/18-Iron Maiden
8/9-Summer Slaughter
8/23-Exodus, Malevolent Creation
10/22-Immolation, Vader
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