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Oh, and I knew I forgot something. Merch. Trees had both of their CD's for sale (I don't remember the price, but it doesn't matter because this was a one-off show for them), and a really cool vinyl version of their latest album. deafheaven had their album available in vinyl only - George told me that the CD's had sold out in only a few days. Circles had copies of Empros on CD and vinyl - $12 for the CD (which I bought from Dave himself ), and I didn't catch the price on the vinyl.

All three bands had a limited number of shirts (and a few hoodies), in a very limited range of sizes. The largest size RC had was XL, and since that's too small for me, I didn't buy one. Their shirts are very cool, though - both literally and figuratively. They have four different designs on this really awesome tri-blend material that's very stretchy and light, and comfortable as fuck. I have two of them with designs from the last tour, and I wear them to bed every night. So comfy. You can buy them at for twenty clams if you're a big fucker like me - they have XXL in every design except the "Geneva" tour shirt (and fuck no, you can't have mine ).
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