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Megadeth -- Monterrey, Mexico -- November 20th, 2011

After the incident in the Guadalajara festival, Megadeth play in Monterrey, and the band seems happy to play. Dave got a lot of mexican flasg with Megadeth logos on it. The setlis is almost the same of all the mexican gigs. The audio in the auditorium was really awful, so sometimes we cant hear very clear what Dave is saying. Poison and Head were so loud and fast, sounds really nice. 16 songs in a hour and ten minutes. The opener was a local band called IRA, wich they are the support band when Di'anno came to the city and the opener for the Iron Maiden shows in the city.

In My Darkest Hour
Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
Public Enemy No. 1
Angry Again
A Tout Le Monde
Poison Was The Cure
Head Crusher
Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
Dawn Patrol
Sweating Bullets
She Wolf
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
2/4 Destruction, Mortuary
2/18 Maya Over Eyes
3/3 Asesino (My birthday!!)
3/6 Abigail Williams
3/17 Iron Maiden
3/26 Comeback Kid
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