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Iced Earth- Overture
Frank Zappa- Stink-Foot
Sodom- Cannon Fodder
Redemption- The Fullness of Time I: Rage
Katatonia- The Future Of Speech
Frank Zappa- Marqueson's Chicken
MuteMath- Sunray
The Roots- Atonement (Feat. Jack Davey)
Rise Against- The Dirt Whispered
Neal Morse- Temple Of The Living God
Trey Gunn- Daughter
Norma Jean- Absentimental [Street Clam]
Belphegor- Angeli Mortis De Profundis
Galactic Cowboys- Kaptain Krude
Candiria- Mental Crossover
Story Of The Year- The Black Swan
Swashbuckle- Crewed By The Damned
Armored Saint- Terror
Bonded By Blood- Severe Violation (Bonus Track)
Marillion- Bridge
Zimmer's Hole- Satan Is A Gay Porno Star
Judgement Day- Zombie Rodeo Clown
Ajattara- Aura
Seventh Wonder- Alley Cat
The Haunted- Hate Song
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