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Apocalyptica- I Don't Care (Worlds Collide)
A Day To Remember- It's Complicated (What Separates Me From You)
Hatebreed- Sick Of Talk (For The Lions)
Converge- Reap What You Sow (Axe To Fall)
Destrophy- Reconnect (S/T)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Loss For Words (Bestial Machinery)
Story Of The Year- The Antidote (The Black Swan)
Darkest Hour- Transcendence (The Eternal Return)
Oh, Sleeper- Breathing Blood (Son Of The Morning)
Darkest Hour- Severed Into Separates (The Human Romance)
As Blood Runs Black- Legends Never Die (Allegiance)
Metallica- ...And Justice For All (...And Justice For All)
Death Angel- Mind Rape (Frolic Through The Park)
Soilwork- King Of The Threshold (The Panic Broadcast)
Vektor- Dark Nebula (Black Future)
Suffocation- Cataclysmic Purification (Blood Oath)
High On Fire- How Dark We Pray (Snakes For The Divine)
New Medicine- American Wasted (Race You To The Bottom)
Testament- Souls Of Black (Souls Of Black)
Ghost- Elizabeth (Opus Eponymous)
Brutal Truth- Itch (Evolution Through Revolution)
Misery Index- The Carrion Call (Heirs To Thievery)
The Acacia Strain- The Impaler (Wormwood)
Egypt Central- White Rabbit (White Rabbit)
Obituary- Dying (Cause Of Death)

out of 7000+ songs in itunes it picks some of the shittiest
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