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The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Pittsburgh, PA -- November 18th, 2011

Such a great show. Got there around 6 and found out there was re-entry, so I went with my pal Wade to get some food down the street from the Rex Theatre. Got back as local opener Oldfears was about halfway though their set. The best way to describe them is if Converge got dropped on their head as a baby. Not very good musically, but very entertaining stage presence. If they learned how to write a song, they could be interesting.

Belie My Burial was next, and they have taken the spot as the worst band I've ever seen live. If I had Uno cards, it would have been a compliment to them that someone would actually stay inside and listen to their music. I left after one and a half songs. They had breakdowns in their breakdowns.

After that musical abortion, Red Fang was up next. I'm not too familiar with a lot of their music, so unfortunately I just have a partial setlist, but damn they were awesome. Really heavy and tight. I hope they come back soon when I'm more familiar with their material.

Hank is Dead
Into The Eye (introduced as being about one of the Twilight movies)
Reverse Thunder
Prehistoric Dog
(they played more than this, but this is all I recognized)

After a twenty minute changeover, the light guy decided to flash blinding lights which kinda pissed me off, and Dillinger took the stage and barraged into Farewell, Mona Lisa. For the next hour, I witnessed one of the most violent shows I've ever seen. The band stood on top of their gear, in the rafters, in the crowd, and everywhere in between. Greg hip tossed a few people that got on stage through crowd surfing back into the crowd. They also didn't work with much of a planned setlist. The sound wasn't all that great so some of the shorter songs to me weren't all that recognizable, but I still had a blast. This is their last tour for awhile because of a new record in the works, but they promised to be back.

The written setlist was:

But they played this pretty much out of order, and they also threw in Widower (highlight of the set for me), Sugar Coated Sour, and a few more Miss Machine songs in for good measure. They completely destroyed the stage after 43%, so no encore. Killer show that I wish was a bit longer, but oh well.
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