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The traffic out of manhattan was RIDICULOUS! Figures its a friday before thanksgiving week. Now i was running late anyway, but at 6:30 there was no bus, so after some scrambling, and freaking, i met some british guys who were going too, and we almost split a cab thinking it was that or nothing. LUCKILY, a last bus DID show up and took the last load of stragglers straight to IZOD. except it took 30 minutes to get from 9th ave to the tunnel (3 blocks people!), and other 30 from there! With normal traffic its 20-25 mins? with no traffic 15 min. anyway, who's on the bus... Jose from Siriusxm. he's texting, doing paperwork and looking as upset as me. I chatted a bit but basically left him alone. Talked about Testament last week. Well we got there in time for last 1 1/2 songs of BLS. Got a dog, 2 beers and went back down to my seat, saw my buddy who was already there.

Priest was great, honestly i was a little bored in the middle, but got it back toward the end. The set is great but i HATE the constant moving graphics on the screen behind them. Turbo lover, and you're playing a video of 20 cogs going in circles??? if its not video closeups, just put on a back drop and leave it. very distracting.

Gotta cut this short, as im heading to MANOWAR.
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