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Kyuss Lives! -- Los Angeles, CA -- November 18th, 2011

Ridiculously awesome show, miles better than the date in Pomona a month ago. The band played for over two hours straight, but took a couple of small two minute breaks in order to switch bassists. The first chunk of the show was with Nick, the second with SCOTT FUCKING REEDER, and then Nick returned for the last part.

The first hour with Nick was essentially the main set they've been doing for the whole tour, so no surprises there. Still a bitchin' hour to be sure though. The second half hour with Scott was mainly rarities, and was probably the highlight of the show. Dude is one of the most insane bass players I have ever seen live. The intro to Demon Cleaner was extended and jammed out, Fatso Forgotso was epic as hell, and N.O. was just straight up awesome. Mario and Dino from Fatso Jetson joined the band for the song, and those two and Bruno all had trade-off solos. That was probably the most badass part of the concert. Triple guitars+Scott Reeder= When Nick returned for the last part of the show, all he said into the mic was "Scott Reeder" and the audience went apeshit. His portion was still pretty awesome, but we all knew Scott owned his ass this night.

1. Gardenia
2. Hurricane
3. One Inch Man
4. Thumb
5. Freedom Run
6. Asteroid
7. Supa-Scoopa and Mighty Scoop
8. Conan Troutman
9. Odyssey
10. Whitewater
11. El Rodeo
12. 100 Degrees
Switch to Scott Reeder on bass
13. Fatso Forgotso
14. Demon Cleaner
15. Tangy Zizzle
16. N.O. (with Mario and Dino Lalli from Fatso Jetson)
Switch to Nick Oliveri on bass
17. Spaceship Landing
18. Molten Universe
19. 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)
20. Allen's Wrench
21. Green Machine
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