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Gwar -- Denver, CO -- November 16th, 2011

ok, first set list report here and i have alot of comments about the show before i post the set.

Venue: The Summit

First, i took my 8 year old son and he was a trooper ! I got there 1.5 hours before the doors opened so we could be at the front of the line so i could get us a seat in the balcony. It was 29 degrees out and he never complained once while we waited. It was nearly midnight before we got home and he kept me awake on the drive home talking about the show. Big props to my boy!

Warbeast- I admit i've never heard them play until last night. I've seen some different opinions on their live show and i'm with the camp. I thought they were great. This morning i looked around the net and sure enough they are on Phil Anselmo's record label. After their set (too short for me, i wanted more), i told the guy standing by me that they could do a damn good cover of something Pantera....go figure....Anyhow, don't have their set but i assume it's the same as previous shows. Crowd was very good for them and they seemed to really be enjoying playing. Guitarist looked like he'd kick everyone's ass in the venue as well

ETID- I've listened to them a bit here and there and they are sorta "meh" to me. I thought they had good energy and the crowd enjoyed them as well. However, most of their songs sounded repetative and similar. I ejoyed them for about 4 or 5 songs and then i was ready for them to be done. Same set as previous shows as well i assume. I'd skip them next time if given a choice. Not bad per say, but just not my type of band.

Now for Gwar!!!!!!

Outside the venue, a fan had made a huge banner in tribute to Cory. It was an awesome banner and she had everyone sign it while waiting in line and i believe it eventually made it's way to Gwar before the night was done.

First the setlist

Zombies, March!
A Gathering Of Ghouls
Storm Is Coming
Eighth Lock
Crack In The Egg
Bring Back The Bomb
Immortal Corruptor
Hail, Genocide! (my son's favorite gwar song)
KZ Necromancer
Metal Metal Land
Let Us Slay
Damnation Under God
The Uberklaw
Ham On The Bone
The Salaminizer
Sick Of You

Now my thoughts of the show. I don't know if i've read it yet, but after Let us Slay, Oderus went on a huge rant about the Mayhem Festival. He said, "So they just annouced the bands for the Mayhem Festival for next years tour (everyone goes nuts thinking gwar will be on it). A pause and then "But once again Gwar will not be on the tour (with loud booing). "But Slipknot and Hatebreed and a bunch of other bands we have all listened to 500,000 times will be". "Fuck Mayhem and fuck that shitty tour". "Their idea of "Mayhem" is "Metallica and Lou Reed". He really seemed pissed and not joking around about it. I thought it was great and the highlight of the show. After Damnation Under God he again went on a rant about Mayhem and the Warped Tour. Calling the bands on the Warped Tour a bunch of faggots.....but he said he means faggot in a nice way since he's half fag himself Damnit if Oderus isn't kick ass.

3rd time seeing Gwar and once again they prove they are second to none when it comes to live shows.

Last thing i wanna mention, i really noticed the difference without Cory. The great riffs i love weren't there and it made me sad. Gwar sounded great live, like always. But there was definitely a distinct sound difference for me. I know Gwar hears and misses it nightly and i can only imagine how tough it's got to be. RIP Cory, you are missed

But a huge THANK YOU to Gwar for continuing this tour to honor Cory and show your love for your fans. Wonderful evening and my son woke up and was telling his mom all about it (with multiple curious looks to me from my wife). Glad it was an all age show and i was able to take him. Already looking forward to the next trip here!
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