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Anthrax -- North Myrtle Beach, SC -- November 4th, 2011

Killer show, gig report following setlist. Death Angel and Testament did the same sets they've been doing, so not much there. Anthrax played the same set as in Ft. Lauderdale, which as follows courtesty of

Worship intro
Earth On Hell
Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't
Caught In A Mosh
I'm Alive
The Devil You Know
Got The Time
In The End
Metal Thrashing Mad
Refuse/Resist snippet
I Am The Law
Long Live Rock and Roll outro

The show was amazing! I took my lady to see her first concert, and we did the Testament meet and greet. We showed up a little too early, but we got to eavesdrop on their soundcheck and they jammed Cat Scratch Fever all the way to the solo. The really funny thing it that it sounded awesome! My girl and I were the only people to do Testament's M&G, along with two guys who won a radio contest, so since there were only a few of us, we got to do it in their dressing room...which smelled like scented candles and beer. Probably because it was the House of Blues. The guys were all really friendly and talkative, and Chuck Billy has the most gentle handshake in the world. I mentioned hearing them jam on Cat Scratch, and Alex joked that it would be a bonus track on Dark Roots of the Earth. We hung around with them for around 20 minutes or so, and went back outside to wait for showtime. We got in a little early as part of the VIP thing (which I STRONGLY advise buying if you can manage it) and got to be right up against the barricade. The lights went out, Death Angel hit the stage, and the shit was ON.

Death Angel impressed the hell outta me, I hadn't been familiar with their material beforehand, so it was a thrill to get turned on to some EPIC thrash metal. They were overflowing with energy and just tore through their set. I got to slap hands with Mark Osgueda, which was awesome, and it was an incredible way to start the show. Seriously, the band was all over the place, those guys are nuts!

Out came Testament about 20 min to a half hour later to Chuck Billy crying "THE PREACHERRRR!" Everybody was playing really well, Billy was air guitaring during any moment he wasn't singing, and it was truly a fantastic experience to watch Alex shred those tunes flawlessly. It's also a privilege to see The Atomic Clock Gene Hoglan beating the skins. Got to hear Envy Life live, which was fantastic. At the end of the set, I was holding out my hand for Alex to give me a high five, and he knelt down and HANDED his pick to me

And of course, our headliners Anthrax made their way out, and the floor was PACKED. I don't know about the other House of Blues venues, but the general admission area in ours is pretty small, and there was NO room left when Anthrax hit the stage. Everyone walked out one by one (except Charlie, who was behind his kit) starting with Scott, then Rob, then Frankie, and out bursts Joey Belladonna wailing "Earth On Hell." His voice sounded great all night, Frankie put his hand on his nuts and sniffed it with this goofy smirk on his face (Wtf?) and introduced us to their roadie Bear. Maybe I'm flattering myself, but I kept throwing the horns up at Rob and calling to him, and he would just smile and nod at me. Both my girl and I got to slap hands with Joey, which was AWESOME, and Scott Ian really took it to us when it came to the war dance in Indians: "This might be your first Anthrax concert, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But this part of the fucking song is called the war dance, so I want all of you, girls, kids, I don't give a fuck, to do something! I don't care what the fuck you do, but you are going to fucking move!"
We didn't get Among The Living, which was reeeeally disappointing, but the performance was awesome and the rest of the songs kicked ass anyway. I had my fingers crossed for A.I.R., but it was not to be. All in all though, the show was awesome, and if you haven't gone already, or you aren't sure if you will, you really should do everything in your power to catch it.

Crowd was very alive the whole time actually, especially during Anthrax. The pit was PATHETIC, since it basically didn't exist. I think through the whole show there were like three shirtless fat guys just running in a circle. My only regret is spending four dollars on a bottle of water.
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