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Originally Posted by Palabra de Dios View Post
I wanted to go to this at one point, I had the night off from work but no. A packed Beaumont on a Monday didn't appeal to me. Not with all the annoying -core kids and hipster douchebags that might've shown up. I would have wanted to be up front but I'm sure that would have required getting there at 3pm or shelling out an additional 20 bucks for a VIP pass in advance.

Regardless, that's about as good a setlist as you'll see from Mastodon; great selections from all albums plus the new album. I love the band, and I've seen them and met them before. Maybe I'll see them again...(one day)
I think they were doing like a VIP thing because I got there and Red Fang was soundchecking because they weren't letting anyone in yet, but when I got in there was already a good crowd of people on the floor. There was NO ONE there at the time doors opened.

And from where I was standing I didn't see too many core-kid douches. A good amount of moshing for DEP and then it never really stopped during Mastodon!
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