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Review time

I'm not familiar with Death Angel's stuff but they did a good job of getting the crowd going and everyone there was appreciative of their performance. They only did about 6 or 7 songs so i'm guessing they played the same set they've been doing this tour. Really good pit during the last song.

Testaments set was the same it's been all tour except that they added in Practice What You Preach after Envy Life. They did a very good job and most of the crowd was into them. The Pursecuted Won't Forget totally killed live and there was a good pit going during it. The same with most of the older stuff, especially Over The Wall and Into The Pit. I like that Chuck's mic stand with the blue and red lights on it. It looked like a mini lightsaber and since i'm a Star Wars nerd I thought it was cool. Musically they were right on and Chuck sounded great.

So after 21 years of being a fan I finally got to Anthrax with Joey. Their performance was nothing short of phenomenal. People were into the new stuff and singing along with it which i'm always happy to see. The pit during CIAM and the wardance in Indians were among the best i've ever seen at a show. The reaction to the all the old stuff they did was unbelieveable. Antisocial got the weakest reaction of the older material but it's still a fun song to sing along to. From the new album Fight Em and In The End got the best responses from the crowd.

Joey sounded great, almost near perfect. He was running around the stage jumping up and down on the moniters in front and the steps leading up to Charlie's drum kit. He helped get the crowd going and he really put a ton of energy into his performance. It kinda makes you wonder why they got rid of him in the first place. I still say that Scott and Charlie are idiots but what do I know One funny thing is every time Joey went to stand up on the moniters in front he could never seem to keep his blance for more than a few seconds before going back down. He was singing too good for him to be drunk so he must have some equillibrium problems of some kind The rest of the band played great to, Frank and Scott had a ton of energy as always and were into it. John Petrucci Jr.... oh, wait I mean Rob Caggiano was like a statue most of the time and showed very little enthusiasm during the show. I guess when you have Joey, Frank and Scott he doesn't really need to do much but play anyways.

The reaction to Among The Living was just about the best of the night. The crowd was absolutely insane for it. Which makes me wonder why the hell isn't the song a staple? It just doesn't make sense to me. It was funny when they started I'm The Man and they tried to get the crowd to sing it but it died off right around the first chorus because hardly anybody was singing along with it. Personally, I haven't heard that song in almost 20 years and don't even remember how most of it goes. After the show last night I guess i'm not the only one who doesn't care about that shitty song.

Scott gave a little intro before Metal Thrashing Mad. He pointed to a few people in the crowd and said "this song is older than you and you" Then he pointed to another guy and said "this song isn't older than you. For that to happen it would have to be from Judas Priest" Which got a lot of laughs from the crowd.

Scott's Priest referrence reminds me that i'm doing the same as the OP here and seing them in Rochester tonight. Honestly, I don't remember ever having two shows back to back like this in my concert going years. Anthrax is back and in top form, so hopefully they continue with this lineup until they decide to retire. After last night's show and the success they've regained with Joey coming back and Worship Music it would be fuckin moronic to try and change it again.

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