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30. Bizarre Ride II

Group: The Pharcyde
Members: Slimkid3, Imani, Fatlip, Bootie Brown & J swift
Producer: J-Swift
Recorded: 1991-1992
Released: 1992
Album Title: Bizarre Ride II

Just like another group that came out in 92(except those guys consisted of 9 members and are all from New York.). Pharcyde(whom are all from LA. All members born and raised in compton/south central LA) was a group that stood out compared to a lot of the copy cats that were popping out in 92, ESPECIALLY THOSE HARDCORE GANGSTER Cliches. What made pharcyde stand out other then the crazy cartoon filled jazzy fluid tunes made By J-Swift are the the fellow rappers slimkid 3, Imani, Fatlip and Bootie Brown. All with a different silly cartoony light hearted flow with wacky voice that goes and matches the beat and jazzy tune that follows up with the album. What makes this album so incredible is it truly sounds like it was ahead of its time, seriously this shit sounds like it was made in 94-93, hell even 1995!!. Its hard to imagine this shit hit the shelves in 1992 and was made during 1991. Not only that, but it was released during a time when a lot of gangster/hardcore rap acts and typical "Bang bang, i'm a rape yo mother and sniff some glue and fuck yo ass up with my butter knife" rappers and rap groups were hitting the market, The pharcyde were anything but GANGSTER and HARDCORE. Just like a tribe called quest, The pharcyde came out of the box during a time when nothing but hardcore gangster rap was taking over.

I was fortunate enough to see these guys with a tribe called quest and Nas at the Rock the Bells Hip hop festival during the summer of 2008. They sounded even better live AND IT WAS THEIR REUNION after being broken up in..shit..fuck if I remember, but it's been ages! They played about 70% of their debut album, the only member missing was j-swift, who left after the first album and is now a crack head . Apparently he's a bum now and there's a documentary about him that came out in theaters a couple of years ago(limited release of course, ahah), damn shame he had to succumb to such a shitty habit, especially with the incredible skills that he was born with...Good god he had such a gift..and it shows in tracks like "Passin me By", "Oh Shit", "Pack the Pipe" and pretty much the entire fucking album. "Passing me by" is definitely a song a lot of people on this board such as myself can definitely relate too and is a hip hop classic, "OH shit" tells stories of sexual escapades gone wrong, for example, you hear fellow member fatlip spit about his day in Compton with a fine Jezebel who turns out to be a "john Doe" , or your classic ode to Marijuana on the weeded "PaCK the Pipe" which has all members talking about their love for the cheeba cheeba , or "Officer" which deals with the serious topic of racial profiling , Every track is classic and deals with a different topic that keeps the album flowing(preventing you from hitting that eject button ), you wont find no Gangster raps, rape, murder or torture here folks. Just like a tribe called quest, all you'll find on this record is good times, good vibes and all around Mellow fluid Tune-age for your ears to be blessed with

A must have..

OH SHIT!!! *skip the first 14 seconds, its just some stupid wierd interlude*

Pack the Pipe

Passing Me By


4 better or 4 worse

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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