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Damn, larvtard and a couple other posters in this thread are metal warriors for going to all that effort to catch a show. Fortunately the show itself was fuckin great despite some guitar amp issues during the touring bands' sets.

Not that it does any good two days later, but if I had somehow known you needed a ride back I would've been happy to give you a lift as South Station is on my way home from the venue. (Edit - re-read your original post for clarification, basic point about giving a lift still true). Glad to hear you eventually made it. I've had a few unplanned-walking adventures myself, but fortunately not for a while.

I enjoyed every band on the show, but I definitely think there were just plain too many of them. Two locals would've sufficed, Absu could've gone on at 10:30, played their full 90 minute set, and everybody could've taken the T home. I live in the city but I drove to this because it had "late one!" written all over it from the lineup.

I have taken the train between Boston & Worcester for Palladium shows many times with no problems, but of course the hard part is getting from Back Bay or South Station to your final destination once you're back in Boston.

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