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System Of A Down - Download Festival 2005, Donnington Park - June 12th

1. Soldier Side (Intro)
2. B.Y.O.B
3. Revenga
4. Science
5. Suggestions
6. Psycho
7. Chop Suey!
8. Cigaro
9. Mr Jack
10. Needles
11. Deer Dance
12. Aerials
13. Bounce
14. Atwa
15. Forest
16. Lost In Hollywood
17. Question!
18. War?
19. Prison Song
20. Toxicity
21. Suite-Pee
22. Sugar

I have to disagree with you, they were certainly not better than Slipknot, and I prefer System as a band. Their set was almost identical to that which they played in Brixton a week ago. Only difference being that they dropped Spiders, Holy Mountains and Roulette. Why they felt it necessary to drop those 3 is beyond me! Holy Mountains maybe, but Spiders and Roulette

Still a gig worthy of closing such a great festival though. Playing Lost In Hollywood with that beautiful red sky was a nice touch!
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