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Gwar -- Pomona, CA -- November 13th, 2011

So I finally made it to my first Gwar show last night. I was glad to see this show wasn't cancelled due to the funeral services of Corey Smoot. If it was cancelled of course I would understand. Support was Every Time I Die and Warbeast. The venue was The Glass House, a run down venue in downtown Pomona. I had never been to this venue before but I ended up liking this place. It's hard to say what the turnout was, my guess would be around 600. We missed Warbeast but we got a good spot upstairs for ETID.I didn't like them, I guess we showed up too early. The ETID set ended and after a half hour wait Gwar came on at 10. So as expected they performed with one guitarist. Their performance was really tight and impressive, and sounded really good. They sounded much better than I thought they would. The show was very entertaining to say the least and I would like to see them again.

Zombies, March!
A Gathering Of Ghouls
Storm Is Coming
Eighth Lock
Crack In The Egg
Bring Back The Bomb
Immortal Corruptor
KZ Necromancer
Hail, Genocide!
Metal Metal Land
Let Us Slay
Damnation Under God
The Uberklaw
Ham On The Bone
The Salaminizer
Sick Of You

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