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they have played alot of festivals overseas for one thing, so those crowds dont count. as far as their big shows in south america...come on man, those crowds are always drooling for the big American rock/metal bands, and come out big. They're desperate for entertainment and certainly can't be as choosy as we can.

there are certain things that seem indefensible to me, and those things are where most people have had it with Axl: the insane lateness night after night, and the fact that this just isn't GnR. I, and many others, can't back this dude bc of them.

Now, the show length IS very cool. They play a great setlist and if the lateness and fakeness of the band don't bother you, then you def. get quite the bang for your buck, even withall the solos and interludes that add alot of BS to the overall picture.

And for the record, i like 7 or 8 songs on Chinese Democracy. It's just not a GnR record, it's an Axl solo album.
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