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Trapped Under Ice -- Montreal, Quebec -- October 26th, 2011

Took me a while to get around to this, but here it is. TUI put ona great show as always, and the venue was packed. Really small venue (Underworld), but the place was filled close to capacity. I bet Terror will sell it out later this month. None of the other bands impressed me much. Backtrack was ok, and I thought Take Offense was pretty good. Some thrashy, fast riffs for hardcore, a la Terror. Pretty good set, I thought. Good mix of their 2 full lengths, and their EP. I think the 'Big Kiss Goodnight' songs sounded beter live than they do on the CD.

Vids suck. Place was packed so I filmed from the back, didn;t wanna take my cam near the front and have it knocked outta my hand or something. Will risk that for Terror in a couple weeks though

1) Born To Die
2) Skeleton Heads
3) Believe
4) Pleased To Meet You
5) Half A Person
6) Outcast
7) See God
8) Stay Cold
9) Street Lights
10) Jail
11) Still Cold
12) Reality Unfolds

13) Gemini

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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