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These are pictures from Chicago on Saturday night. Priest played for like 2 hours and 20 minutes. Bands half their age should take notes from this. I love my death metal and black metal shows (eg. Mayhem last night) but it is rare to get more than 1:30 from the bands and sometimes not even that much. I know the music is demanding but shit Glenn Tipton is 64 years old and Rob Halford is 60 so I don't accept that as an excuse as it is not like Priest is playing with a lack of energy and it certainly is demanding music.

A stellar show and they covered the range of albums. Although the setlist has not varied since the tour started they could not have picked a much better setlist given the classics that they have no choice but to play. (If I never heard Living After Midnight again in my life I would be happy and I could do without several other overplayed staples) Although I prefer Thin Lizzy to BLS I agree that BLS had a much more energetic performance and come off much better live than on record.

The Venue allowed people to text messages to the big screen and someone texted something to the effect of comparing BLS fans to Juggalos. I nearly pissed my pants. I thought it was a great line and although I don't completely agree, the comment definitely cracked me up as to me BLS is a bit of dumbed down metal and Juggalos have to be the most retarded fan base on the planet for one of the dumbest bands in existence (Insane Clown Posse if anyone doesn't know)

Judas Priest still has it after all these years. Richie Faulkner appears to be a great addition to the band and fits right in. It should be interesting to see his contributions to the next album as he could inject some life into Priest's writing and maybe we could be treated to another great surprise like Painkiller was giving Priest an outlet after they were on trial. I would love to here some new and pissed off Priest so heres to hoping K.K. leaving inspires them to put out another pissed off album (even though I think the split was mostly amicable). Either way this band is still a must see after all these years

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