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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I'm not at all trying to deny someone saying BLS were better. I hate them, but if you're open, I understand it's possible to think that. But to think Thin Lizzy flat out sucks (regardless of performance) and to make a purely moronic claim that they're not an important element in the history of metal music is just indefensible.
To be honest, the only time I've seen Lizzy was earlier this year and they really did suck. They were fucking awful, which as a bigger fan of their current line-up than probably any other because of Ricky Warwick, was a huge disappointment.

I can totally see than someone seeing both bands for the first time would think they sucked and BLS didn't.

To claim Lizzy aren't historically important is totally moronic, definitely with you on that one.

Although, anyone who claims BLS weren't a good and relevant band for their first two albums before they smelled the green is also a moron.

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