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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
As expected outside of Chinese Democracy & maybe Madagascar crowd was bored during any Chinese Democracy songs. They opened up hot w/ their first 4 songs and then crowd didn't seem interested till Live and Let Die. Although I loved them doing Riff Raff, figured crowd would have enjoyed it more than they did. Crowd was kinda bored again till Sweet Child and then pretty into it rest of the time.
That's a GN'R crowd for you these days. All the old fans who can't look at GN'R objectively anymore because they're stuck on cliches and tired views don't go, and they're replaced by radio fans who only know about five songs.

But then, that's the same for Metallica, U2, Ozzy, Aerosmith and any other arena-selling band. It's pathetic and people are assholes, but it's what happens.

The shows I saw on this tour though (five between '06 and '10) the actual fans dug the CD stuff. Especially when they had 'Sorry' fifth or so in the set. That went down a storm every night.

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