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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
i wouldnt give ths piece of shit a cent of my $. Fuck him & his cover band, his insane ego, and fuck any of his managers/Live Nation, who thought this basket case could still fill arenas after all the shit he's pulled since coming out of hiding. Of course you got a 4 for $120 deal, this whole tour has sold below capacity, and anyone with a brain cold have guessed that. They should have scaled down the stage show and done large clubs (3500-5000 capacity), but his ego probably wouldnt allow that.

His voice sounded good bc they process it before it hits the PA. watch the Rock in Rio live feed videos on youtube if you want to hear how he really sounds.
Nicely recycled point of view. Well done.

Irrelevant that they've been selling out arenas worldwide on this tour, I suppose?

Or that most of the people who go come back saying "yeah, it was late, but it was awesome". Even people like 300% up there who thought it would suck.

Much better to not go and sit at home regurgitating other people's tired "opinions".

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