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Cynic -- St. Paul, MN -- November 13th, 2011

....That should say it all....but it doesn't so here's my review.

I got to Station 4 about a half hour before the doors opened. I got inside and I could feel it in the air that things were going to be amazing. They were.

The first band up was a local band called Iron Thrones (who you guys need to youtube, enjoy, then buy their album, it is fucking amazing) Heavy Sludgey Prog Metal if Opeth and Mastodon formed a band, it would be Iron Thrones. They were by far the heaviest band of the night. it only go lighter from there, which isn't a bad thing.

3 was up next. I first saw 3 in 2008 during Progressive Nation 2008 with Dream Theater, Opeth and Between The Buried And Me. If you are not a 3 fan, YOU SHOULD BE! They are one of most killer live bands going. Joey Eppard is a god of the Six String, Youtube Bamfatura if you need reassurance. And all the guys are cool as fuck, and I will say sans Anyone attached to Devin Townsend or Cynic, the coolest guys in music (more on that later) Their set is very close to this, (I might be off by a song)

Wake Pig
My Divided Falling
Alien Angel
High Times
The End Is Begun
Bamfatura/Drum Solo
Amaze Disgrace

After 3 left the stage, Cynic....well actually all they brought was mics and pedals to the stage. no amps, and the drums were up behind a giant plexiglass shield (which I'm HIGHLY against, as a drummer) it made it very hard to see one one of my biggest heroes, Sean Reinert. But as alas the drums sounded like perfection, playing wise and sound wise so it's forgiven. Cynic put on the most atmospheric set I've seen outside of Alcest (they REALLY need to do a tour together, it would be perfection). Paul, Sean and the new members of the band, were absolutely incredible live. So tight, so cool, so perfect. I never felt more at peace and happy then when Cynic was playing live. I thank Paul for that. I'm still on that high (again I'll get to that later.)

Here's the set. I have the setlist, signed by Paul and the guys of 3, but my phone is disconnected until tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll post pics then.

Hieroglyph (intro)
Amidst the Coals
Carbon-Based Anatomy
Evolutionnary Sleeper
How Could I
Adam's Murmur
Celestial Voyage
Elves Beam Out
King of Those Who Know
Veil of Maya
Wheels Within Wheels
Integral/Integral Birth
Box Up My Bones
The Space for This

They played outro music at the end that made us all believe there was going to be an encore, but sadly there was not. Once the song was done, the lights came on.

Again, as all my reviews go, the best part of my reviews is after the show. and boy do I got some great shit to share.

I immediately went to the 3 merch table after the show. Where I met up with Joey, Billy, and Daniel (Gartdrumm was nowhere to be found unfortunately). I talked to all the guys and we have a mutual friend....a mutual friend that got me on the guestlist....that I didn't know about until after the show SO after talking to them for a while I asked them to do some Station IDs for my show which they did later on, but we all agreed that we should wait until everyone was gone. so I hung around for them.

While waiting Paul Masvidal came out and I immediately went to him to show him my gratitude for being the most positive Metal musician on the planet. Cynic is making a brand new album as I speak, It will be a mixture of Aeon Spoke and Cynic (as the band is now both Aeon Spoke and I don't mean the EP, I mean that's what they are going for as a band, all the Aeon Spoke material written before will now be cynic-ized) And they do plan on touring again in 2012, hopefully back here. He gracefully gave me a Station ID and signed my setlist personalizing it for me. I feel greatly honored.

Then Billy Riker of 3 and I started talking again at the merch table about my radio show and about Station IDs and we were having a blast making fun of the monster Truck announcers and the "On a very special Episode of" announcers and all that great stuff. It's like we've been friends for years. Same with Joey, hell everyone in 3. It turns out that I can do a great impersonation of bassist Daniel Grimsland without ever hearing him talk, so Billy dragged me outside to show Daniel and I did it and all of us were laughing our asses off. Billy then had to make some hotel reservations so I waited for him to get done.

Then Paul came outside and gave everyone a hug. Seriously, who is a better person in Metal besides Paul...besides everyone in the Devin Townsend Project?

After that awesome moment, the rest of the guys in 3 were finishing packing up so I ran to the tour bus and we did the station IDs. Billy being a fucking awesome dude did several takes in all different voices and characters. I'm leaving them as is on the show laughs and all because they are fucking hilarious. I hope to get them up tonight from my phone (I use my phone up to my mic to get the Station IDs, so I don't need my phone activated to pull that off.)

After that 3 let me know I'm set for all upcoming 3 Minnesota shows.

I gotta say once again, one of the most awesome nights of my life. ranked number 3 behind my two times hanging out with Devin Townsend and RVP. But I will say there will be plenty of Shenanigans with myself and 3 in the future. I can't fucking wait.
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