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4 Day Festival


Opening Stage
Bullet for my Valentine-Stage Headliner-40 min
Five Finger Death Punch-40 min
Killswitch Engage-30 min
The Black Dahlia Murder-30 min
Whitechapel-30 min
Gorgoroth-30 min

Main Stage
AC/DC-Headliner-2 hours
Blue Oyster Cult-1 hours
Slipknot-40 min
Godsmack-40 min
time length-7 hours and 40 minutes


Opening stage
All That Remains-Stage Headliner-40 min
Hatebreed-30 min
Shadows Fall-30 min
Suicide Silence-30 min
Marduk-30 min

Main Stage
Judas Priest-Headliner 2 hours
Ozzy Osbourne-1.5 hour
Motorhead-1.5 hour
time length-7 hours and 40 minutes


Opening Stage
Mayhem-Stage Headliner-40 min
Behemoth-40 min
Morbid Angel-30 min
Deicide-30 min
Job for a Cowboy-30
Winds of Plague-30

Main Stage
Black Sabbath-2 hours
Dimmu Borgir-1.5 hours
Cradle of Filth-1.5 hours
Testament-50 min
time length-9 hours and 10 minutes


Opening Stage
Exodus-Stage Headliner-40 min
Megadeth-40 min
Anthrax-30 min
Cannibal Corpse-30 min

Main Stage
Iron Maiden-2.5 hours
Metallica-2 hours
Slayer-1 hour
Rob Zombie-1 hour
time length-8 hours and 50 minutes
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