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Originally Posted by Slasherous View Post
tonight i thought Black Label were better than Thin Lizzy. Now this might be because we missed the first couple songs of Thin Lizzy (which sucked) but i just wasnt feeling it. Black Label on the other hand (while not a fan) had alot more energy it seemed, and expecting it to be complete crap, i actually liked it a bit. It would eventually get boring after all (nobody really needs to solo for 10 minutes as an opener), but imho Black Label was better than Thin Lizzy tonight.
I'm not at all trying to deny someone saying BLS were better. I hate them, but if you're open, I understand it's possible to think that. But to think Thin Lizzy flat out sucks (regardless of performance) and to make a purely moronic claim that they're not an important element in the history of metal music is just indefensible.
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