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Judas Priest -- Detroit, MI -- November 13th, 2011

Intro-Battle Hymn
1. Rapid Fire
2. Metal Gods
3. Heading Out To The Highway
4. Judas Rising
5. Starbreaker
6. Victim of Changes
7. Never Satisfied
8. Diamonds and Rust
9. Dawn of Creation/The Prophecy
10. Night Crawler
11. Turbo Lover
12. Beyond The Realms of Death
13. The Sentinel
14. Blood Red Skies
15. The Green Manalishi
16. Breaking The Law
17. Painkiller
18. Hellion/Electric Eye
19. Hell Bent For Leather
20. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
21. Living After Midnight

Notes: The breaks between the encore was very short so it was hard to tell when the encore started, but im gonna guess it was Electric Eye. Hearing Scott Travis talk before Living After Midnight caught me off guard but was neat.
Doors were suppose to be at 6, but Thin Lizzy played before that, was lucky enough to catch The Emerald.

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