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I was there too.
RE: Im the man.

I dont think it was intended to be played, but Belladonna was behind Charlie for drum hits for the refuse/resist intro, and charlie was goofing and hit the drum beginning for im the man, so scott ian looked up at him and played the riff, all of a sudden they're jamming it, and the CROWD is chanting the words. it was awesome. It was only half the song but it was crazy cool, i bet they do that again somewhere.

Death Angel & Testament sets exactly same as previously posted.

Jose from sirius/xm was introing every band, also eddie trunk was there.
Yada yada, it was a sold out starland ballroom. crazy energy.
Testament killed it. got a skolnick pick. $10 bootleg t-shirt.

it was a great evening.

oh i almost forgot. just about lost my mind when they played medussa.
holy shit that was cool! 2000 guys yelling \GORGON/ !!!!!
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