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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That's what i'm not understanding about Megadeth. AIC and FNM put on those sets and then they come out and do just that? I can't believe that seeing other bands do sets like that doesn't inspire Dave to select better songs to play. I've been defending Megadeth and their sets since I joined here but I can't justify doing that anymore.

That AIC set is fantastic.

Also, FNM didn't do anything off The Real Thing Was doing King For A Day in full just something they decided to do for the hell of it?
As I said before, they truly love Chile...and a few months earlier one of the guys in his personal twitter announced the performance of an entire FNM album on this show, and a days later he confirmed KFAD with Trey on the people knew what to expect, but Absolute Zero a B-side, I guess they don't haha...Just a Man finale was awesome people told me and I read, with a choir of 15 people and fireworks afterwards the end of the show.
I'm out of money so I will miss every show from here to eternity
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