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35.Typical Cats

Group: Typical Cats
Members: Qwel, Qwazzar and Denizen Kane
Producer: DJ Natural

Rain shine, was fate denied by state time
Ya caged ryhmes contain rage behind gang signs
Remember chickens spittin' game at you
I'm prayin' wit a flow, when you get home I'm fixin' gang tatoos
Forget stress, yes I'll accept the charges
Armed wit curse words and verses to get the guards pissed
I dropped out since we last spoke (what!?)
Commisary, so it sucks son, we all grown up
Fa sho, growin' up was tough more drugs then luck
Fuck a thuggie gettin' bucked you can roll wit us
No more holdin' in stolen trucks
Roll to dunkin' donoughts, where po po n' folks can both hold nuts
Flame up say ya name n' now the whole gangs smoked
N' swear to moms, I'll quit spittin' to get ya chains broken
Ya name is spoken openly
Remember holdin' dreams of bein' dope, yo son they quotin' me
Still the same witty poetry, grown n' smokin' weed
But How can we be broke when the city owes us sleep
Or at least a peace of mind, crime was stealin' youth from you
Or who could allude you would'a grew inside a human shoe
There's truth and this troop both sent me to get you
The issue's how windows ain't mirrors when we miss you
More Tatoos, then nights at home
Rockin' this one for you this is your microphone
- Qwel

See I belive in the beloved below the skin, so forgive me if I sin
Skimming the surface before I burrow in
I've been out of this to rub wit the red hands of my fear
So it's just you and belaa, risin' into the clear
Blue, who knew eyes could see so far from up here
Tote, skimmin' the green heads of tree tops under god knows where
Ya sweet do't leave now, or drop like an autmn
Stay wrapped in my hand like a thorn esacped blossoms
Of, red in my palms, now they match my father
Skippin' then stains outta rich mans pants and lipsticollas
Hollerin' to moms about the babble-o-bills and loans again
They gather on the kitchen table, cat shatters
They figured they whisper the other day, about the son who was away to date
The whole store was spreadin', you wishin' the laundry would just wash away
Moms fingers full of stiches, mouth full of pins
Mubbles yes, enter quick request to god with pursed lips
My sons, I lost'em under the rush of adolesence
To impatience pussy pens, funny cigarettes for a lessons
But if she saw me now, with the blade of a smile, nestled in my fluttery wrist
Never repeddle way' my metal
And knew that gods admissions are both open and free
And that he slowed the medics down, the rivers too fast for me
N' edits and re-writes we askith pleasith the human thesis
Any day I'll be embedded in a perfect sentnece please believith
- Denizen Kane

Yo, when I reminisce, I don't remember timbalands, nothing but pearl wings
Rockin'em wit wit the tongues hangin' outta the front wit no strings
Wit no whites on, yo we frontin' wit fake gold rings
No gold chains, just house keys on shoe strings
So how does anybody sleep on a featherless pillow?
With the worlds weight across the shoulder blade trying smother hope
It's foolish pride, these devils they'll surely try to split you
And force you to sign over ya soul scribbled' in physical
Well in a constant conflict, confidence against incompetence
Tryna grasp the context of lifes concepts
That little bitter peice that I need indeed I'll search for it
I try to ignore time, but I can't afford it
Smokin' weed, thinkin' I surely need employment to feed my spoiled kid
Never been characterized as the type to avoid his choices
Sow now I sacrafice life, the mic's in good faith
But not a penny saved, hopin' to blow like any day - Qwazzar


One of the best and most unknown and most original Underground Hip Hop Albums to come in the last ten years..

Talk about diversity... We got your black guy, white dude, and asian guy and get TYPICAL CATS. 3(Err 4 if you count dj natural who blesses the group with scratches and beautifully laced instrumental and all around great hip hop beats)Fellow Chicago born rappers with incredible and unique yet very diverse skills which gives each member a very distinctive sound that differs from the other giving the group this incredible unique sound that makes them stand out compared to other underground artists(and trust me man, I can name 800 carbon copy cats that did nothing but come out as "just another rap group"). You can easily tell which guy is which from the start of the album. Again, I really love how diverse this group is. We got Qwel(white guy), Qwazzar(The black dude), and Denizen Kane(the asian one), and each member with a flow and skills that differ greatly than the other. Personally my favorite member is Qwel(the white guy), especially when he broke off from the group to go do his solo joints(thats when he got really fucking deep abstract and poetic with hidden double meanings and crazy messages). Denizen Kane(the asian one) basis his rhymes heavily on Poetry and metaphors where as Qwazzar(the black one) speaks more about crazy demonic-Anti-Christ shit but a lot of the stuff that these guys speak about is really deep and have hidden meanings and messages(especially in the stressfull "Anyday"). The best track are the ones with the members individually rapping by them selves. Another thing that is really great is each member has a solo track on this album which gives that them that little spot to shine, with Qwel getting the most solo joints(he has 3 I believe). Folks, You gotta hear some of the shit that qwel is saying in "Qweloquiallisms", so fucking abstract, dark, and haunting. Qwazzar is just a fucking nut when hes go off about being the only guy who can vocally rape god on the insane "IT WONT STOP". Denizen Kane shows some epic poetry when he goes off on the beauty of sex and sexual organs in "Snake oil". The way he speaks about the beauty of intercourse with his wikid poetic skills is something to be heard And the very last track "the thin red line" sees all 3 members talking about how they're all trying to make it to the same RAP show but they can't because they're all stuck in some part of chicago by themselves(and they all rap about the things they see in chicago, the streets, city lights ect, and how they're trying to make it to the show. But its the way they present there rhymes and the way they talk about is what makes this track a fucking classic). And DJ Natural Blesses the group with his off the wall Chicago Native beats and elevation of scratches with classic piano loops and loop breaks. Anyways, an epic debut record and an amazing underground hip hop record to come out in the last decade by some of the best to ever hold it down in Chi-Town. Chicago now has a reason to bragg when it comes to Top MCs and rappers because the TYPICAL Cats should be crowned the underground kings for that!

Here are some songs off Typical Cats legendary debut record.


Snake Oil

Reinventing the Wheel

Any Day


The Thin Red Line

w00t w00t. 34 Left. Hope everyone has enjoyed the last 16 albums so far.
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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