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I know there is one other Borealis fan here, but I don't think they could get their own thread just yet :P

Headlining set:

1. Finest Hour
2. Regeneration
3. Midnight City
4. From the Fading Screams
5. Breaking the Curse
6. Where We Started
7. Forget the Past
8. Watch the World Collapse
9. The Afterlife
10. Lost Voices


11. World of Silence
12. Forgotten Forever

If they don't ignore their first album, I think this is a completely realistic set. I think I've seen every one of these songs live except for Breaking the Curse, so I know they can destroy these songs live.
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
4/13 - Avantasia
5/21 - Alice Cooper
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