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Dream HammerFall Setlist

This is something I've been thinking about for a while, partly because I've only seen them once and want to see more of their songs, and partly because I'm curious about what they will play at their anniversary show at Wacken. I genuinely think every album is great, so my setlist won't be realistic (because I doubt we are going to be getting certain songs from certain albums, or even more than one song from Threshold), but I think this would be a solid setlist because it's got the essentials, as well as quite a few songs that don't seem to get played.

1. Legion
2. Genocide
3. Legacy of Kings
4. B.Y.H.
5. Heeding the Call
6. Steel Meets Steel
7. Keep the Flame Burning
8. On the Edge of Honour
9. Riders of the Storm
10. Titan
11. Immortalized
12. Hammer of Justice
13. One of a Kind
14. The Templar Flame
15. Templars of Steel


16. Blood Bound
17. Let the Hammer Fall


18. Hearts on Fire
19. HammerFall

The main setlist is basically split between fast and midtempo songs, but I threw One of a Kind in towards the end so that the momentum doesn't slow. The two encores are, to me, the definitive HammerFall songs (maybe Templars of Steel could be thrown in there, but they don't seem to favour the title track from that album these days). Even with this kind of setlist, I still feel like I'm missing too many songs. Any Means Necessary, Dreamland, and 666 were songs I intended to include when I started this.
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