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Artist: KRS-One
Producer: DJ Premier, Kid Capri, and many more
recorded: 1993
Released: 1993

"After seven years of rockin'
How do you rate me?
Poorly or greatly?
Everybody seems to be goin' for their's lately
Yo mad heads be needin' money
So listen very close as I conduct this little study
See it's, funny to me, you can watch TV
And give up your life trying to be all you can be
In the Army
Not knowin' your history
You either fight and die or come back home in misery
Yo get with me, I deal with reality
Loosen your mind to the truth, and don't get mad at me
No politican can give you peace
If you trust Jesus, why do you vote for a beast?
Emancipation is long over due
So overcome procrastination
Because freedom is within you
For some reason we think we're free
So we'll never be
Because we haven't recognized slavery
You're still a slave, look at how you behave
Debatin' on where and when and how and what Massa gave
You wanna know how we screwed up from the beginning?
We accepted our opressor's religion
So in the case of slavery it ain't hard
Because it's right in the eyes of THEIR God
Where is our God, the God that represents us?
The God that looks like me, the God that I can trust?
A God of peace and love, not mass hysteria
I don't want a God that blesses America
I could never really vote for the devil
Let me take you to a higher level..." - KRS ONE

KRS ONES Solo debut record. After being with his former Group "Boogie down productions" with his brother Kenny Parker and the late Scott la Rock from 86'-92', we finally see Krs go solo and break off his former rap mates to start working with some of hip hops most legendary of legends to handle the beats horns and turntables. With the help of the legendary DJ PREMIER, Kid capri and many more we see Krs coming off epicly hard on his debut record with hardcore lyrics,boom bap funky bass-filled-jazzy tunes mixed with some real try and truthful rhymes about the history of black police officers, Crack whore prostitutes trying to take a piece of his glory, the history of hip hop and his good ol' days hangin out with public enemy and rakim at block parties all the way down to the the mis treating of African women, Religion, Government, Genocide, Politics. shit, the list goes on. Hell he even has an entire song about about having a dream where he is a blunt and he cant wake up and hes getting smoked by some of hip hops most prominent acts(such as cypress hill, Brand Nubian, Redman, ect). A great album and one of the best debut records to come out from someone who has already came out with 5 great hip hop albums during the mid 80s to early 90s. KRS one had a really great album running streak. And to think he could top it off with this solo joint? Another example to why he is one of the greatest and most original acts to ever hold it down...

I have seen KRS one 3 times in concert and my god he really knows how to put on one hell of a show. Easily one of the top 6 greatest
mcs of all time. For those wondering. 5 GREATEST MCS/RAPPERS of all time...

1.Kool G Rap
3.Guru *rest in peace*
4.2pac *rest in peace*
5.KRS One.
6.Eyedea *rest in peace*

Anyways, one of the best hardcore hip hop albums to come out of the 90s from one of THEE ORIGINAL to start hardcore-hip hop during its carnation in the mid 80s... Get it.

Outta here

Sound of the Police

I cant Wake up(I'm a Blunt)

Higher Level

35 MORE albums to go. Some of the next few records will span from epic important albums to hit the late 80s, early 90s, late 90s to some of the most innovative rap gems to come out of as late as 2001. Some really undiscovered classics and also some already well known albums that we have all been known love and hold dearly in our hearts. Hope everyone is enjoying this shithole as much as I am. KEEP METAL AND REAL HIP HOP ALIVE FOLKS
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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