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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I can't remember where I read it but one of the guys said that they did rehearse H&H but Ozzy couldn't do it so it was dropped. I'm not sure about that story about regarding COTS being recorded with Ozzy though. It was the first song Dio wrote with them when he joined and those lyrics are obviously Dio. So if they did record a version with Ozzy it's not the one we know today.

Children Of The Grave
Symptom Of The Universe
(new song)
War Pigs
Electric Funeral
Sweet Leaf
(new song)
(new song)
Guitar solo/pointless 15 min jam
Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
Into The Void
Iron Man
Black Sabbath
I just read Tony Iommi's autobiography, and he does say that Children of the Sea was one of the first songs they wrote for Heaven and Hell and he has a version with Ozzy singing it somewhere. Lady Evil was also written before Dio joined too, I think.

I'd be happy with that set. I'm not really going to hold my breath for anything surprising, but I'd like to see them change it up a bit. I also highly doubt they'll play Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Symptom of the Universe, Ozzy can't sing that high.
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