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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Think about that for a second. Every vocalist Sabbath's had since Ozzy first left has been a vastly superior singer. Do you really wanna hear Ozzy, who's never been a good live singer in the first place, attempt something from Dio, Gillian, Hughes or Martin? It would be a disaster.

Plus, most people going to these shows don't know Sabbath existed without Ozzy anyway so what's the point? When they first reunited back in 1998 they did rehearse Heaven & Hell with Ozzy but dropped it because Ozzy absolutley stunk at singing it.

There's no reason anybody should have a problem with them only doing the Ozzy stuff. Their first six albums, I believe is the greatest six album streak in metal history, so there should be no complaints over focusing on the original lineups discography.
Wow I didn't know they even attempted to do any of the dio stuff with Ozzy. I just read iommi's bio and apparently theres a recording of Ozzy singing children of the sea before he left and they got dio in 1980.
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