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The Acacia Strain -- Anaheim, CA -- November 11th, 2011

After seeing Terror in October I really wanted to see them again, so I planned to catch one of their shows with The Acacia Strain at Chain Reaction. When I got to the venue I noticed a sign at the box office that said the show was sold out. I walked inside while Harm's Way was playing and the place was already packed. They were pretty good, but I was only able to catch the last couple songs of their set. After them was Stray from the Path, a band I really don't care for. It seemed like most of the crowd didn't care for them either. The vocalist asked for people to move up three times and nobody did.

Next was the band I came for, Terror. I got a spot at the front of the stage and waited while they did their soundcheck. I noticed one of the guitarists was playing the riff from "Redneck Stomp" by Obituary. After a little bit they were ready and Scott came out from backstage as their intro started. People were already stagediving before they had started playing. They went into "Stick Tight" and from then on it was endless stagedives. At almost any point in the set there were multiple people diving at the same time. Vogelisms weren't even necessary, as the crowd kept up the energy the entire set. After one of the songs Scott stopped to say that they've been playing at Chain Reaction for nine years and that this was one of the best shows they've played there. The song choices were great and of course they sounded incredible. During "Keepers of the Faith" I got the mic and screamed the chorus before jumping back into the crowd. Despite the fact that they played a headlining length set, I wanted more. You can never get enough Terror.
  1. Stick Tight
  2. One with the Underdogs
  3. Push it Away
  4. Out of My Face
  5. Overcome
  6. Your Enemies are Mine
  7. Betrayer
  8. Lowest of the Low
  9. Always the Hard Way
  10. You're Caught
  11. Spit My Rage
  12. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  13. Keepers of the Faith

I was pretty drained after that, so I just stayed on the side for The Acacia Strain. I wasn't expecting much from them. I had already seen them twice earlier this year and was not too impressed. Vincent just doesn't hold up live. He doesn't bother to pronounce any of the lyrics, so it all sounds slurred together. Even during the songs I knew the lyrics to I couldn't understand him. With that aside, the rest of the band sounded good and they did play a good selection of songs. During one of the songs there was a fight in the pit and security threw a guy out. A bunch of people followed the guy outside, probably to continue the fight, but I didn't go and look. After they finished "Carbomb" the crowd chanted for another song and they came back and played "Skynet". It seems like they don't play it often, so that was a nice surprise. Even though they're mediocre live I did still enjoy their set. All in all it was a fun show, but I feel like seeing The Acacia Strain after Terror was anticlimactic.
  1. Dr. Doom
  2. Whoa! Shut it Down
  3. See You Next Tuesday
  4. The Hills Have Eyes
  5. Beast
  6. Brown Noise
  7. Ramirez
  8. 4x4
  9. Passing the Pencil Test
  10. Balboa Towers
  11. The Impaler
  12. JFC
  13. Carbomb
  14. Skynet
12.1 Profanatica
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