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38. Cypress Hill

Group: Cypress Hill
Members: B-Real, Sen Dawg and DJ MUGGS
Producer: DJ MUGGS
Album title: Cypress Hill

"This pig harassed the whole neighborhood,
Well this pig worked at the station.
This pig he killed my Homeboy,
So the fuckin' pig went on a vacation.

This pig, he is the chief.
hes Got a brother pig, Captain O'Malley.
He's got a son that's a pig too,
He's collectin' pay-offs from a dark alley.

This pig is known as a Narco,
If he's a pig or not, we know that he could be.
This pig, he's a fuckin' fag,
So all his homepigs they call him a pussy.

Well this pig, he's really cool,
So in this class we know he rides all alone.
Well this pig's standin' eatin' donuts while some motherfuckers out robbin' your home" - B Real

"Born to a Mexican father and a Cuban mother, B-Real moved with his sister and mother out of his father's home to South Gate before ending up in South Central Los Angeles. Before dropping out of Bell High School, he befriended future Cypress Hill members Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace (who forwent staying with the group to go solo). Sen Dog, who was affiliated with a Bloods gang set known as "Neighborhood Family", later introduced B-Real into the set. B-Real's career as a drug dealer and gangbanger ended after he was shot in the lung in 1988.

After being introduced to DJ Muggs by Julio G the KDAY Mixmaster, B-Real and Sen gained interest in Muggs' concept of an album based on experiences from Cypress Ave in South Gate. The group was signed with Ruffhouse/Columbia records in 1991, and made their influential debut that year. B-Real would use his life-threatening experiences as material for the group's self-titled debut album, and subsequent releases.

Cypress Hill's trademark sound - an eccentric combination of B-Real's exaggeratedly high-pitched nasal vocals and DJ Muggs' distinctive beats - led to the trio becoming the first Latin rap group to have Platinum and Multi-Platinum albums. They remain the best selling Latin rap group to date"

Some say these guys were the first to start "weed rap songs" and songs solely based on cannabis but who knows, that's not the point. The point is..Cypress Hills first 3 records are classic hip hop records that should be in everyones hip hop stash box. When these guys blew up in in the early 90s there was no group in the rap scene that sounded like these fools or touched their originality, flow, beats and voices. Sen Dawgs rugged latino rhymes and lyrics, B-reals high pitched nasal flow backed up by DJ Muggs dusted Blunted ass mellow instrumentals creates a sound that would be copied by many rap acts in 91-96. DJ muggs started his career on this record but he would go on to perfect his skills and create some of the greatest tunes in hip hop. DJ Muggs would also go on to break off the group and go solo(Like working with Planet Asia and legendary GZA the genius of the Wu Tang Clan).

Also what makes these guys stand out is how original they were. There were tons of rappers talking about life threatening stories, fuck the police, holding down the fort on the there block and not letting anyone make what % they make,. But alot of those acts were generic and lame ass hats. I cane name tons of groups that came out in 90-91 that were nothing "Zzzzz" to my ears. Cypress Hill rapped and flowed in away that was a step away from what other cats were spitting about. And my God, DJ Muggs just diggs through those dusty crates and vinyls to create some really blunted weeded ass instrumentals and beats. Also their latino/black/cuban hertiage and stories of suburban hoodlum latin life adds a nice little "niche" to it, really makes the group stand out. Very unique. Muggs, b-real and sen dog come hard. Not as hard as the next two classics but this album will go down as a very influential album to spawn many carbon copy cats during the early 90s...but none could match these cats.


How I Could Just Kill a Man

Hand on the Pump

Stoned is the way of the Walk

"Steve Huey of Allmusic calls Cypress Hill's debut "a sonic blueprint that would become one of the most widely copied in hip-hop.

In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. The album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Rolling Stone called it "an album that is innovative and engaging in spite of its hard-core messages."

* Included in Rolling Stone's "Essential Recordings of the 90's".

* Ranked #57 in Spin Magazine's "90 Greatest Albums of the '90s"

* Included in Q Magazine's "90 Best Albums Of The 1990s".
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