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Originally Posted by isaiaskorn View Post
Sorry... I just don't see a lot of future for this dudes.
Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Yeah, I wanted to say a few words on this.

When you don't like a band, it's mature to say something like, "(So and so) played, but they weren't my style. Whatever. The main band was still awesome!" A nice person would say that. Someone like Good Guy Greg would say that; a guy that everyone likes and appreciates and wants to have around. On the other hand, if you don't want to be Good Guy Greg, and you just want to be an arrogant asshole, you would say something like, "(so and so) SUCKED !!!! Just lots of noise with not a lot a sense ... Actually it was fucking annoying... Sorry... I just don't see a lot of future for this dudes." Nobody likes to hang around this person. This person has no friends. Other people on the internet hate this person. It's usually wise not to be like this person. Catch my drift?

Secondly, I can't tell if you are just a sub-par troll or legitimately stupid. Dillinger Escape Plan have had one of the most hardcore followings for over 15 years now, longer than even Mastodon have been around. To say you can't see a future for these guys... I mean, really? Really? Really. You really just said that, didn't you?
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