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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Dude, you have a girlfriend now, not that don't agree, or find all of this funny, but isn't there a more productive way to spend your Friday night that ends in sex, rather then being a format nazi?

*And before you ask, no i have nothing better to do this Friday night, I have early band practice tomorrow, so that's why I'm here *
I posted that on my iPhone while I was waiting for Animals as Leaders to take the stage. And I'm single right now. And even so, it takes a grand total of 60 seconds to whip out my iPhone and check thread updates/post something. And it's stupid to label any tread by the first opening band. According to God himself:

Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
We generally only put the headliner in the title. Support bands are shit out of luck.
And excuse me, but there's Skyrim that needs to be played.
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