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Mastodon -- Chicago, IL -- November 11th, 2011

All I have to say that is that : it was a pretty tight fuckin performance!( from Red Fang)
They change one song which was sort of surprising , because they've been playing the same set since the tour began.

1 Hank is Dead
2 throw up
3 Malverde
4 Wires
5 Into the eye
6 Reverse Thunder
7 Prehistoric dog

Just lots of noise with not a lot a sense ...
I saw em with the Deftones last year and is the same shit... Nothin has changed with that band ...the crowd was just whatever !
Actually it was fucking annoying...
Sorry... I just don't see a lot of future for this dudes.

I' m assuming mastodon will play the same.. If they change it I'll post again !
Wich isnt bad at all !!
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