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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
After seeing so many of these god damn lists I've decided to make one, probably the worst out of all but oh well. Those that love hip hop are welcomed. I'm just gonna leave a little rant under each album on how awesome it is and how you all should check them out.



Arist: Planet Asia
Producer: DJ Muggs

"I was cut from the concrete cloth, self-taught
The time is an illusion, reality is a thought" - Planet Asia

What happens when you get a very skilled cat from fresno california and put him with the producer of Cypress hill? Well folks, YOU GET PAIN LANGUAGE. Epic war like and mellow blunted beats combined with intelligent rhymes and all around great story telling. Those on the real should cop this. DJ Muggs is usually known for his blunted mellow producution on cypress hill but its nice to see him break off the mold and go diverse and work with other rappers like Planet asia and GZA from wu Tang. And his his diversity shows on this album and the chemistry works beautifully with Planet Asia...But not as good as his previous record which I will get into later. I have seen planet asia multiple times at local hip hop shows. He is easily one of my favorite mcs of the late 90s. I just recently saw him on his birthday and he tore the roof down. anyways, this is his magnum opus and also one of the brest hip hop albums of the last decade. Fuck the mainstream garbage played on the radio. Cop it folks.


All Hail the King

Black Mask Men
Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post

Title: The 18th Letter
Producers: Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dj Clark Kent and many more
Year: 1997

"I want a mahogany Benz, I want lottery ends
I want property, friends, plus my hobby is skins
If I decide we in sin, then my prophesy ends
But the God'll begin, watchin my odyssey spin
in the place where war be, based on a true story
Territory was made for me to pursue glory
Blast alone masses in zones have to be sewn
Every capacity blown, I'm internationally known, yo" - Rakim Allah

The only other MC behind Kool G. Rap that comes to mind as "Greatest mc of all time" would be this man. RAKIM ALLAH. He is a hip hop legend and has not only paid his dues in the hip hop game but is considered by many hip hop heads and the rap-world as the greatest rapper to ever exist or touch a mic. Anyways, This is his first solo album after breaking off with his side kick and dj; eric B. Great album but what it fails at is some really bad production especially by dj clark kent and other cats who got on this cd. It really pains me to hear it because rakim blesses them all with his off the wall Rhyme Schemes but is made up by legendary producers such as Gang Starrs DJ Premier on such songs like "NEW York" where rawh pays his dues to the place that he was born in or the epic "It's been a long time" where rakim goes on about how hes been missing in action for awhile after not being in the hip hop scene for half a decade. Its like a double edge sword I guess...In the end I still love it and it has some great stand outs. Also Rakim is just fucking GODLY PERIOD...

Its been a long time..

The Saga Begins

New York
Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
46. Dr. Octagonecologyst

Artist: Kool Keith
Producer: Dan The Automator

"Watching people vomit green, my po-lig is lizard pills
My office in Berbick, I hide the bodies in Beverley Hills.
Seeking Kimbles and bits, a girl with small tits
Talking to herself, her dog, and having rabid fits
Green fly soup in on the way from the kitchen, troop
Looking at T.B tuberculous on the window post
Ten dead dogs, a brown fox in the comatose
With no reps, I put more needles in they kneecaps
Some primitive screws, and my, yes and perhaps
A little sprinkle of Clorox, in their vocal box
Some Pepto-Bismol, Pepsi-Cola, pack of Pop Rocks
Mix it all together with bugs, to change the weather,
You be coughing blue, with eyes like Mr. Magoo
Straight up cartoon, you抮e bound to fall out real soon." - Kool Keith AKA Dr. Octagon

A little fun fact for Gorillaz Fans.

I will be the first to say that I think everything after the self title is pure shit. I fucking loved the first Gorillaz album. Played it to death when it first came out. Hell, It was in my fucking cd player for 7 straight months back in 98/99'. I loved it. You wanna know what was a big reason for that? It was the production and it was all made by none other than Daniel M. Nakamura AKA Dan the Automator! He blessed the gorillaz first cd with his epic production and it came out godly! Anyways after the first cd Dan split with gorillaz and thats when dave decided to work with others like DJ DANGERMOUSE and other cats and thats when they fell off AND THATS WHEN I STOPPED LISTENING TO GORILLAZ FOREVER...But their first cd is a fucking classic......

Other fun little fact. Dan The Automator produced this whole album with the legendary Kool Keith of the ultramagnetic mc. Only this time Kool Keith broke off his old school hip hop generic form and went a completely wierd, awkward, and very entertaining direction. Here he the old school mcs from the late 80s changes his alter ego and goes by DR. OCTAGON. Dr. Octagon is an extraterrestrial time traveling gynecologist and surgeon from the planet Jupiter. He also rapes and has sex with his patients.

"Dr. Octagonecologyst introduces the character of Dr. Octagon, a homicidal, extraterrestrial, time-traveling gynecologist and surgeon. Octagon is described as being incompetent, as many of his surgery patients die as he conducts his rounds. Octagon also pretends to be a gynecologist and often engages in sexual intercourse with female patients and nurses The album's distinctive sound crosses genres such as psychedelic, electronic music, and trip hop. Thornton's lyrics are often abstract, using surrealism, non-sequiturs, and juvenile humor. The unique sound and lyrics of Dr. Octagonecologyst helped revitalize alternative and underground hip hop, gaining more attention than any contemporary independent hip hop albumin quite a while"

I wouldn't even begin to explain how awesomely bizarre and wierd this album is. It's sick, perverted, raw, scientific and groovy as fuck. Kool Keiths Bizaare sexual perverted lyrics matched with futuristic rhymes about the year 3000 and walking around hollywood blvd with his uncle who is a half shark half aligator is just pure bizarre hip hop bliss. And it goes great with Dans AHEAD OF ITS TIME production...who would of thunk this is the same guy who made the hit "CLINT EASTWOOD"???.....

Chris, and everyone else who likes hip hop should check this out. Very unique and bizarre album. A classic for sure. Here are some dope songs Videos below for you to check out..

Blue Flowers: This is a music video. Very disturbing, bizarre, perverted and fucking AWESOME...

The Waiting List

Real Raw
I'm really digging these!
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