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Yeah I was right... for Skin & Bones they used an accordian

And here's I Should Have Known

But they didn't play Wheels either night, instead we got Long Road To Ruin (acoustic) and Miss The Misery. Oh yeah and they only played Let It Die on night one... other than that it was pretty much the same set. Just sucks they didn't play I'll Stick Around or Darling Nikki. I was hoping for Darling Nikki since they were at the same place Prince started his "21" concert series back in April. I put the quotes because he only played like 15 of them. Dave even talked about how much he loves Prince and how he saw him several times during that series and even how he got to jam with him during one of the sound checks. I remember hearing it too only it didn't notice Dave was there that day. When he brought up Prince I thought oh shit!... Darling Nikki! but nope
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