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Members: Spawn, Slug & Ant
Producer: ANT
Album title: OVERCAST

This is one of the greatest underground hip hop albums ever made, period. I still get goosebumps at how much this album blew me away when i first heard it back in 2002'. I never thought hip hop music could still develop it's sound and it take it a whole other level with rhymes and new elevations of Beats. I thought this was one of the most underground shit to ever fucking' come outta the fuckin underground! The stuff that Rappers Spawn and Slug have to say over Antz abstract, unique and "ahead of its time" beats were just jaw dropping. This is also when Atmosphere was a 3 man group instead of the 2 man group that they became to be...

This is also when we saw a MUCH "different" atmosphere. This is what i call the "UNDERGROUND" atmosphere.. Don't even compare this "atmosphere" to the one that came out after Spawn left the group(he left right after this album was released). Some people love their newer material but to me it's "meh". I think "The LUCY FORD" lp and "god luvs ugly" are good albums but they will never blow me away like the way this album did. Slug was also a much different rapper in this LP. In this we see the underground battle rap, abstract, story telling slug. After this album we see the "FUCK YOU LUCY FOR LEAVING ME, I HATE YOU, WAAAHHHH", panties in a bunch slug that I came to hate(but i will admit "LOVE LIFE" is one of the best songs ever made...such a deep and poetic song, but other than that they're other records are just "MEH""). They really changed their sound after this album came out especially they're recent releases like "7 travels" or "When life gives you lemons" which i think are pretty shitty albums that make me want to gargle out shitty french fries because that's how shitty their recent shitty releases have been. But this album is an underground classic.

I once again gotta give kudos to Hip hop producer ANT for the beats. Very abstract rugged instrumentals with some chiller fillers and laid back scratches layered in the perfect spots. And I think there wouldn't have been no one better than slug or spawn to spit over these beats, I also love slugs "voice" in this album, he was super young during this record. As i said earlier, don't even compare this "atompshere" to the atompshere that would come to be. They are good now but I like them a hell of a lot more when they were a 3-man group. Damn shame spawn had to leave the group. He left because he felt like his sound didn't belong in the group and that he didn't fit in or something. I thought he fit in perfectly fine!

I really love every track on this record. Every track is so different and unique in it's in its own little way and the stuff they speak about is on the REAL-to-REAL. I can definitely relate 100% to what Spawn is saying in "Complications" or what slug is speaking about on the deep "Adjustments", the stuff these guys speak about is truthful and raw as fuck, another thing i really love about this album is it has this very very "DARK" sound that sticks from the start of the first song "1597", to the very poetic "WND(WRITERS NEVER DIE)to the very last track, the album just keeps this extremely dark atmospheric vibe from begining to end and it works so well and its also a good reason to why the album sticks out compared to other atompshere albums(as i said earlier, after this record and after spawn left these guys changed their sound...some say for the better i say for the worst).

The best song on this album which is titled "Gods Bathroom Floor" is not even on the final print of the record! Luckily i have an old copy that i got from ebay which has the best song on the album. The song tells the story of the rapper Slug overdosing in his bathroom floor from heroin and how he goes threw a revelation and kicks the habit so he can try and be there for his kid, hence why the song is called "Gods bathroom floor". What a beautiful song, the beat laced by Ant speaks poetry folks.

Great album. Real beats, real lyrics and some real fuckin' dudes keeping it real down in Minnesota.

*all these songs must be blasted at maximum volume until your nieghbors call the police, and make sure the treble is at MAX*



Gods Bathroom Floor

Adjust AKA Adjustments


"Ode to the Modern Man"
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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